Monday, February 22, 2010

Liberty in Context

In response to let a thousand nations bloom (Mike Gibson). 2/21/10 2/22/10

The right to leave ones state and nation is among the most primary rights. However, this does not relieve the need or power to form community. The forces for Liberalism( in its truest and classical form) are facing many challenges from its homeland (America) and across the globe. Community is of the utmost importance to repel those forces.

I've enjoyed immensely the input and ideas, especially the power of opting out, posted on "Let a Thousand Nations Bloom" over the the past number of months. I've taken the title of the blog quiet literally and believe it means nations. The idea that a nation can survive solely on contracts, as elegant a solution as contracts are, is lacking in several respects, the two main being fecundity and martial capability. These are two necessary aspects of continued existence for a nation that secular ideologues don't like to address, but are of the utmost importance for the continued existence of a nation. It would take immense technological improvements for this not to hold.

Two important aspects to morality: the non-initiation of force and the creation of lasting value are important to this debate. What is the point of creating something of lasting value if their are no inheritors? The icky necessity of reproduction is not something secularist, those who often imitate a non-chaste neo-Shaker revival, and have not spent a lot of time commenting on how to continue the nation.

Second, an emotional and economic commitment would require some martial expertise. Would no one repel a pirate attack, would everyone run at the first sign of danger? Perhaps I've misunderstood, but I've come away with the impression we can just run away from any threat of violence. A force capable of repelling the Tongan Navy is a minimum. With some growth and success a deterrence capability approaching a nuclear attack submarine may be required.

Common Ideals are necessary for that kind of commitment. While freedom of expression and speech are paramount to a free nation, a country being tugged by Libertarians on 0ne hand and people with ideals similar to leftist policies of the fascist and communist on the other, is going to have serious problems.

The Report on DPRK via Seth’s blog, was fascinating, because it showed the DPRK accomplished enforcing non-exit while not being able to physically enforce those laws. The Liberal states of the 19th century were able to combine great personal autonomy with nationalism and lots of opportunities for exit. I do not believe that these virtues are mutualy exclusive and may be necessary for enduring success.

I can watch the world fall apart from my front porch in Texas with a six dollar mocha in one hand and a fiddle in the other. I don't have to travel the Seven Seas to witness decadence. A nation will require immense commitment otherwise you just have a Gated Gulch.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Post

Evolving just a little more quickly today.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Here is to all that is possible in our human future. Merry Christmas

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Evolving Anthropoids

Just A few notes on what I want to accomplish with this blog. I have always had an immense number of interest that are just to big to be covered by one topic. Being a product of the American educational system and the times, I always came away with the idea the no one should be so pompous to strive for so much knowledge. Interestingly, recently the scope of my interest have been given an academic title, Big History, and well as recognition that it as had a significant past, Natural History. With the release of spore the game we can be sure that the future will be full of people considering the universal record playing out, can we play it again, are we sure we heard it correctly, and much longer is it going to play.

In short there will be many topic covered in this blog, including the nature of humans, the future of humans, and how did we become humans. Topics of interest will include weapons systems, AI, biology and the history of life, especially as it applies to the development of sentient beings, and many others.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Political Choice

One commonly held Idea is that our political ideas are the result of our parents beliefs, as well as, regional and historical influences. There are now some interesting studies correlating political beliefs with certain behaviors. Reported in August 19th Science John Hibbing and Kevin Smith ,from the University of Nebraska, et al. report their findings that conservative, I believe they mean authoritarian, political beliefs are correlated with people who are physiologically highly responsive to sudden noises and visual stimuli. The liberal subjects were less responsive the these stimuli. It has not definitive been shown that these were the results of genetics, but it dose open the door to genetic explanations.

Dan McAdams et al. from Northwestern University report that fear is a primary motivating factory for conservative Christians, while meaning is a primary motivating factory in the political beliefs of liberal Christians. Again, this doesn't necessarily correlate these beliefs more strongly with genetics than the environment, but to correlate it with emotion it does make genetic explanations more likely.

What Questions are implied by these studies and which we may now be able to ask in more detail is what are the genetic foundations of our civilization? How might different gene pools effect the political field in a nation? These questions are far from being answered, but the amount of political design space available is must be limited by our genetic malleability and inheritance.
These reports also indicate why it really is futile to argue politics to non-believers. Apparently we really do have in our heads what we are willing to believe, before we believe it. I believe it also points the to need for rule is logic and debate.

If our political preferences are largely determined at birth, what solutions might be available so every one can have what the want? Our would that be wise with the conservatives being too aggressive and the liberals have no self defense?